Marius van Hoegaerden
8 Feb 2019 | 14:30 - 15:00 | Main Stage | ISE Add to calendar
How to 'Digest' Spaghetti IT
Marius van Hoegaerden
Managing Consultant
Hoegaerden Management Consultancy (HMC)
The current landscape of IT solutions for most businesses consists of many sub-optimal, fragmented and scattered solutions. These are relatively simple to invent, patch or adjust but create many singular strands of solutions often served together in an IT menu as if a plate of spaghetti. The costly sauce that covers it all is institutionalised as system integration.

In this session we will examine the current approach to IT networks and the tension found often between a conservative IT department and creative AR/VR professionals--and we'll talk about solutions to this "spaghetti" of problems.
Speaker Biography:
Marius van Hoegaerden is a visionary, strategic and tactical management consultant with 22 years of IT networking experience with companies such as Oracle, Ernst & Young, and Cap Gemini. Recently serving at Royal Haskoning as the Principal for Infrastructure IT-Telecom and working on the Metro en Tram (responsible for the construction, management and maintenance of the Amsterdam metro and tram network--and a contributor to policy and implementation of public transport in the Amsterdam metro region).

There he managed five IT (and one telco) contracts, setting up SLAs and control/approve changes (including work on station systems' camera, intercom, broadcasting & digital passenger information (Siemens SSY), Passenger Access Gates (OVCP), Ticket Selling Machines (TVM), 4G mobile (Vodaphone), climate control of datacenters and technical rooms, information security and cyber security, document control systems, filename conventions and cloud solutions.