Alexandre Simionescu
6 Feb 2019 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Main Stage | ISE Add to calendar
Immersive Environments: When Digital Experiences Become Physical Spaces
Alexandre Simionescu
Principal, Creative Director
While the notion of connection and interaction has been largely channeled through the emergence of mobile devices, physical spaces have long been considered the extreme opposite of digital experiences.

As technology has evolved over the past decade we’ve witnessed a steady increase in the weaving of digital experiences into the fabric of physical spaces across a multitude of sectors including: retail, hospitality, transportation, education, themed entertainment, healthcare and corporate environments.

The conventional concept of an digital experience begins to shift as technology folds into our everyday physical spaces and becomes evermore ubiquitous. But what kind of impact should immersion have on audiences in a physical space-- and how can it change our interactions?

Take a deep dive with Float4’s Alexandre Simionescu as he explores the proliferation of responsive environments and showcases how physical spaces are evolving to become more interactive through the convergence of technologies.
Speaker Biography:
Float4 is a multidisciplinary studio that integrates digital experiences in physical spaces to amplify their identity. Alexandre Simionescu is at the helm of Float4’s vision and strategy as he continuously fuels award-winning content-driven experiences. Always on the go, and perpetually analysing upcoming industry trends, he spearheads Float4’s creative initiatives. Alexandre is a passionate, insightful and inspiring leader with an unending desire to expand the limits of the possible. He recently delivered Float4’s biggest multimedia experience in a shopping centre in Dubai, a project in which he lead the team from beginning to end.+