Lex de Grijs
6 Feb 2019 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Main Stage | ISE Add to calendar
The Modern Workplace: Tools, Trends & Transformation
Lex de Grijs
Customer Success Manager, W. Europe
Across the globe, corporate workplaces face a time of unprecedented change, driven by a set of social and technology trends challenging the assumptions which drove workplace design for the past 50 years. Traditional cubicle-centric workplaces have become obsolete-- they no longer align with the work being performed, nor do they meet the expectations of employees. Workplace-related costs are typically one of the top three expenditures in every company, and optimizing these assets (and ensuring they meet the needs of the business) is a top business priority.

Every company is re-thinking HOW workspace design, workplace policy and technology come together to create a more collaboration-centric work environment. In this talk, the presenter will walk you through all the tools, trends and transformations that will help you to navigate the biggest changes in how we will work in the digital age.
Speaker Biography:
Lex de Grijs, Customer Success Manager for Western Europe for Joan, has more than two decades of experience in sales, management and business development in the information technology sector and a proven business expertise in value creation & commercial transformations. His speciality is Value Added Transitions, in which he focusses on strengthening commercial innovation & value creation in an ever-changing market environment. He worked for international as well as regional companies, both in start-ups, scale ups as well as established companies. He has a Masters in International Management from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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