Richard Northwood and Andreas Hildebrand
8 Feb 2018 | 13:30 - 14:00 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | RH Consulting and ALC Networx Add to calendar
Why AV and IT guys need to know about AES67 - the common standard for audio networking
Richard Northwood and Andreas Hildebrand
RH Consulting & ALC networx
Audio networking is maturing and and an increasing number of projects are no longer using analogue audio. Furthermore, the transition to digital is not just out of customer choice; a growing number of products are networked only. But how do you know that the networking technology you plan to use is here to stay? How can you help future-proof your installations? In this seminar, Roland Hemming lays out the landscape on the use of networked audio technology based on his research - the only carried out in the industry. He then explains what AES 67 is and how it might offer IT professionals, AV integrators and consultants a convenient way of deploying networked audio.
Speaker Biography:
Principal consultant Richard Northwood has over three decades experience designing, building, commissioning and operating audio, video and lighting systems. His work covers a wide range of projects from stadium audio to corporate video conferencing suites to interactive visitor attractions. He is leader in the use of networked audio and control systems, and is an expert in the use of most digital signal processing systems. Richard is Level 3 certified Dante and trained in Dante Domain Manager. Andreas Hildebrand is acting as Senior Product Manager and Evangelist for the RAVENNA technology developed by ALC NetworX, Germany. His experience is based on more 25 years of occupation within the Professional Audio / Broadcasting industry.He is a full-time participant in the AES Task Group defining and maintaining the AES67 AoIP standard. He is also acting as Co-Chair of the Technical Work Group of the Media Networking Alliance and is participating in the AIMS Technical WG and the SMPTE ST2110 SVIP standardisation.