5 Feb 2019 | 17:00 - 18:00 | Main Stage | WAVE Add to calendar
WAVE Drinks Reception
Women in AV are thrilled to host this reception. We want our attendees to understand what we are about, and ultimately our goal is to do all we can to attract more females to the industry and for them to consider the abundant opportunities a career in this field can offer.

We arrange regular meet-ups throughout the year where our attendees can build strong relationships and learn more along the way. We invite guest speakers to join us, often for inspiration and value that our guests can take away with them.

On social channels we are active, particularly on Twitter where our followers have exceeded 10k. This is an engaged community where we work hard to promote our members activities/goals /successes plus answer questions, get feedback etc.

At the event Toni Moss (CDEC) and Sadie Groom (Bubble Communications) will be speaking on behalf of WAVE, what we are all about, how to get involved and an update in our Mentor programme.

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