Stephen Nevison
6 Feb 2019 | 11:30 - 12:00 | Main Stage | CEDIA Add to calendar
CEDIA Award Winner: Edge Cottage
How did Intuitive Homes and Ultamation design and install a fully integrated system into this family home? Winning Best Integrated Home £120,000 - £230,000 as well as taking home the Global win in the same category, Stephen Nevison, Director at Intuitive Homes, and Oliver Hall Managing Director at Ultamation, will be discussing their collaboration on this award-winning project. Discover how they worked together to maximise the enjoyment of the family home for the ultimate smart home renovation.


Stephen Nevison
Stephen Nevison
Intuitive Homes
After graduating with a Mechatronics degree (half mechanical and half electrical engineering with some additional computer sciences) from Leeds University, Stephen started in an M&E consultancy practice, but soon realised he would rather be working in an area that more closely aligned with his interests in hi-fi and computers. After two years in a project manager/programmer position at D&T Electronics he set up Intuitive Homes in 2009.

Intuitive Homes specialises in residential integrated systems and has gone one to win several trade awards over the years, as well as CEDIA awards for Best Showroom, Best Unique Application and last year’s Global Integrated Home award in collaboration with Ultamation.
Oliver Hall
Oliver Hall
Managing Director
Oliver Hall is Managing Director at Ultamation after forming the company in 2007. Based at the prestigious Liverpool Science Park, in the North West of England, Ultamation has quickly become one of the leading custom integration companies in the UK, delivering projects all across the UK and beyond.
A graduate in Computer Science from Exeter University (being placed 2nd in the year, which upset the anoraks no end), I returned to my home town of Liverpool to work for computer games legends Psygnosis (the publishers of classics such as Lemmings, Shadow of the Beast, Wipeout), shortly before they were purchased by Sony. As Sony Computer Entertainment - the home of PlayStation - grew to become the most popular console format holder on the planet, I grew to become Director of Management Information Systems and then, following a move down to London, Head of Consumer Network Applications. After 15 years, I returned home to start a family and a new business, and Ultamation was born (shortly followed by Fred & Bob, our two boys).
I quickly achieved the highest level of programming accreditation offered by Crestron (currently a "Gold Master") with a notable commendations from Crestron's head of technical training, and now we enjoy a very strong relationship with Crestron both in Europe and the US.