Ignacio Alsonso
5 Feb 2019 | 11:30 - 12:00 | Main Stage | AVIXA Add to calendar
Rising to the Vertical Challenge
Ignacio Alsonso
Chief Marketing and Sales Officer & Strategy
LEARN how, as AV extends its reach - with more and more vertical markets beginning to see the possibilities of the latest audiovisual technology - integrators are gaining the opportunity to work on more varied projects than ever.
DISCOVER how scent marketing, displays and digital signage, acoustics and other solutions are being implemented across verticals to maximise impact. Find out more about projects from TRISON, including at Merlin Properties, Saudi Arabia Railways and Zara.
BE INSPIRED by TRISON's successful projects from a host of sectors (retail, transportation, hospitality, corporate and more), and how the integrator adapted to the challenges faced in each case.