Eduard Piqueras Jover
6 Feb 2018 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | Eurecat Add to calendar
Advanced TOLAE and flexible LED displays for advertisement and marketing
Eduard Piqueras Jover
Technical Coordinator
EURECAT Technology Center
The project framework is the worldwide transition from plasma to LCD/LED technology in the digital signage market that creates immense opportunities for the companies willing to capitalise on this trend. In this context, the OptIntegral project is specifically responding to the market technological demand for simpler LCD/LED device integration by efficient and low-cost manufacturing methodologies. During the project advanced TOLAE LED displays for advertisement and marketing purposes have been developed and manufactured by in-mould hybrid integration of printed electronics and plastic optics.The presentation will show the results of the project and the demonstrators manufactured:
- A High-resolution 2D display wall for larger viewing area (up to 160 degrees), with lower thickness and weight, and efficient light and lower power consumption.
- A new high-density, glasses-free 3D LED wall display applying novel lens design and manufacturing technology, achieving an innovative visual tool for large-scale digital signage and with a lower power consumption.
- Improved Light Guide display and Flexible RGB lighting, for large areas, with lower production costs and higher flexibility due to the reduced thickness enabled by over-moulding and in roll-to-roll technology.
Speaker Biography:
Eduard holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Politechnical University of Catalonia. He has a professional background in R&D Project Management and financing consultancy for the industrial sector. Currently he is in charge of the promotion and management of EU funded R&D projects in the Public Programmes Unit of EURECAT Technology centre(Barcelona).