Tom Burch (Projection Artworks), Oliver Mack, (macom Germany), Will Hegan (AVI-SPL)
9 Feb 2018 | 10:30 - 11:30 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | AV Magazine Add to calendar
Panel Debate: reinvigorating the retail environment
Tom Burch (Projection Artworks), Oliver Mack, (macom Germany), Will Hegan (AVI-SPL)
AV Magazine
In the last millennium, it was the amount of retail space that differentiated a retailer from its competition. Today, it's the buying experience; in-store or online and increasingly, via mobile. The technology is there, in smart stores, whether you see it or not. Either designed to be explicit and in your face like an interactive touchscreen mirror in a fitting room which helps you select the clothes that you want to try on, or the implicit technology constantly whirring away in the background working out where you are, what you want (or need, or didn't even know you needed), streamlining operations, improving margins and most importantly, enhancing the guest experience. So, which solutions are worth investing in? Where's the innovation? Are we in danger of overdoing the impact of technology as customers begin to suffer from digital blindness? Should we be refining the customer experience and examining the process of how we engage the buyer? How do you design your retail space effectively? (strategy, budget, planning and implementation). 'The customer experience': what is it and how do you create it? How is virtual and augmented reality impacting retail? 'AV technology': what's available, how long will it last, what's next?
Speaker Biography:
Clive Couldwell, Editor of AV Magazine (moderator); Tom Burch, Managing Director, Projection Artworks; Oliver Mack, Director, macom Germany, Will Hegan, Director of Sales and Marketing – International, AVI-SPL