Aaron McDonald (AstraZeneca), Graham Mackay (Generation Digital), Stephen Milner (ISDM Solutions) Jenny Hicks (Midwich Group)
8 Feb 2018 | 15:00 - 16:00 | Unified Communications Theatre | AV Magazine Add to calendar
Panel Debate: Making collaboration work!
Aaron McDonald (AstraZeneca), Graham Mackay (Generation Digital), Stephen Milner (ISDM Solutions) Jenny Hicks (Midwich Group)
Clive Couldwell, Editor AV Magazine (moderator)
AV Magazine
Companies are facing big technology investment decisions, as well as having to operate in a more agile way. Collaboration and responsiveness are key.But, how can you plan for these challenges? Do you have a structured programme to evaluate new technologies against a clear understanding of how they'll benefit your customers? Does this technology help them collaborate more effectively?
One topic we're particularly interested in is whether some collaborative spaces will always need a level of facilitation to maximise the effectiveness of the technology.An example for us was when Smartboards were introduced years ago. It was only in the facilitated environments that they provided any value as most users ended up using them as simple displays. Will history soon repeat itself with the latest collaborative solutions? Should we rethink how and where these solutions are deployed? Presumably this requires the careful integration of AV technology with the environment in which it is deployed? without this the end-user experience can be poor, hindering adoption of the technology and the advantages it brings. How are companies accommodating 'new ways of working'? Come and watch this industry debate with a panel of collaboration experts.
Speaker Biography:
Clive Couldwell, Editor AV Magazine (moderator)
Arran McDonald, Senior Enterprise Architect, AstraZeneca
Stephen Milner, Chief Technology Officer, ISDM Solutions
Graham Mackay, Managing Partner, Generation Digital (Google specialist)
Jenny Hicks, Head of Technology, Midwich Group