Joint CEDIA/Infocomm Conference

180 mins | 3 CEU Points
7 Feb 2018 | 10:30 - 11:30 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | AV Magazine Add to calendar
Panel Debate: Spicing up the AV experience
Steve Blyth (Engage Works), Evan Grant (Seeper)
Clive Couldwell, editor AV Magazine (moderator)
AV Magazine
With advances in disruptive technology occurring so frequently, it can be difficult for companies to keep up - let alone anticipate what?s next. The influx of tech solutions can also make it difficult to decide what is essential to the business; what provides a competitive advantage and what may prove to be a poor investment. Fundamentally, the adoption of new technology is a question for process - evaluating whether the AV/IT technology is the best tool for your business and developing a clear understanding on how it can effect change to make a valid return on your investment. So, with this in mind, just how do you create an AV experience - content, space, technology. AV tech has come a long way in transforming communication. As AV tech continues to evolve, learn what does it takes to elevate a good AV experience to an exceptional one. At the heart of every exceptional experience is a purpose-driven goal. Expressing your goals to your AV professional will help them craft your exceptional experiences. What elements do we need? We explore the roles of: Collaboration: working together to achieve a common goal. Exploration: discovering and interacting with real or virtual content. Instruction: the transfer of knowledge. Sensation: being delighted, amazed, amused.