Marcus Saunders (University of the Arts), Christian Brondbo (ATEA)
6 Feb 2018 | 15:00 - 15:30 | Unified Communications Theatre | AV Magazine Add to calendar
Panel Debate: The changing role of AV in education
Marcus Saunders (University of the Arts), Christian Brondbo (ATEA)
Clive Couldwell, Editor of AV Magazine (moderator)
AV Magazine
We look at how higher education establishments plan to implement, use and manages AV technologies. Demands now being made on HE are different from those of even two-three years ago. Colleges and universities have been forced to adapt their teaching and technology usage to an increasingly computer literate and ever more, let's say, 'challenging' student population. They have to cope with systemic changes, including changes in student demand, meeting the needs of the digital student generation and changing the way they operate to meet new financial challenges. And they also have to cope with a move towards archived media, web-based learning, and increased internationalisation of their offerings and the potential of online courses.