Hans Romaen
6 Feb 2018 | 11:00 - 11:30 | Unified Communications Theatre | crowdbeamer Add to calendar
An innovative way to improve productivity during meetings, seminars and training sessions
Hans Romaen
These days, it's not only about getting your message across, but also how to provide a complete new experience that allows your audience to interact with the information you provide. Crowdbeamer allows to present any HDMI or VGA signal in real time on all portable devices (smartphone, tablet, PC) of your audience, anywhere you want. It's an easy-to-use device that increases the productivity of the audience by allowing them to capture the content they want, enrich it with their own notes and ideas, and export the collected information to other business applications.
Speaker Biography:
Mr. Romaen has 30 years of experience with challenges in the broad domain of technology, coupled with its social and economic significance and aspects such as strategy, management, entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, change, globalisation, digitisation and marketing. During that whole time he has organised more than several hundreds of inspiring activities for a diversity of sectors (industry, government, education and research). He was also co-author in several publications, among which "Cycle Top Management" (Ghent, 1985), "Lifelong Learning" (Brussels, 1995) and "40 questions for 2020" (Ghent, 2010).