Yuri Kostenko
9 Feb 2018 | 15:00 - 15:30 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | Front Pictures Add to calendar
Building Space 360 - spherical projection theater in Gwangju, South Korea
Yuri Kostenko
Front Pictures
Spherical immersive theaters are still very rare due to the complex engineering involved and lack of content to screen. But due to the latest advances in technology, building these theaters is becoming more feasible. One such theater has recently emerged in Gwangju, South Korea next to the National Science Museum. Inside the 12-meter sphere, visitors are immersed into a 360 video projection as they stand on a transparent glass observation bridge, which crosses the sphere's interior. The projection system utilizes 12 WUXGA laser light source projectors stitched seamlessly together and driven by a single media server capable of playing VR content. The project required creative engineering solutions. Unlike in a conventional digital planetarium, where projectors are located along the dome's perimeter, the options for placing projectors in a full sphere are significantly limited. It was necessary to come up with a design that would prevent shadows from being cast by the observation bridge, minimize openings for the projectors while, at the same time, maximizing the resolution and brightness of the image on a spherical screen. It was also important to position the projectors in a way that would prevent them from shining light into the viewers' eyes. Developing the system also became possible thanks to the new capabilities of auto-calibration and the arrival of laser light source projection technology. We would like to share our experience with the community and discuss the future prospects of 360 spherical immersive theaters.
Speaker Biography:
Yuri Kostenko is a co-founder and CEO of Front Pictures, a Kyiv-based creative studio focused on delivering immersive multimedia solutions for marketing and show business around the world. Yuri has a master's degree in Marketing from Kyiv National Economic University. He acquired considerable expertise in digital media from his seven-year career as a production director and, later, as a studio director at the Ukrainian office of global communications agency Leo Burnett. Yuri and his team at Front Pictures pioneered and continue to experiment with emerging immersive formats ranging from media galleries, architectural mapping, and multimedia water shows to interactive holographic dance performances. The company also actively works with fulldome format. Front Pictures's fulldome technology features cutting-edge single server systems for permanent and portable planetariums. A range of the company's innovative apps deliver astronomy, sonic visualization, presentation, and gaming options under the dome.