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CTS 3 | CTS-D 3 | CTS-I 3 | Max: 3
7 Feb 2017 | 10:00 - 13:00 | Room D203 | InfoComm International Add to calendar
InfoComm MasterClass: AVB/TSN - The Evolution of Ethernet and IP for Audio, Video and Beyond
This presentation will educate AV and IT managers, integrators and specifiers on best practices for distributing time sensitive audio, video and control signals over an Ethernet network. The class will cover the network features, design considerations and protocol definitions used in AVB/TSN.

The presentation will provide attendees with an understanding on how to achieve networked AV success. It will outline design considerations used when laying out an AVB/TSN network. A focus will be given to AVB/TSN network troubleshooting techniques. A highlight will be placed on the importance of device interoperability and certification.

Learning Objectives:
- Understanding the advantages of AVB/TSN including:
o It’s ability to carry Audio, Video, and Control.
o Integration into converged networks.
o It’s use of open standards with implementation definitions made by a certification body.
o It’s ability to solve specific problems across many different vertical markets.
- Grasp the fundamentals of AVB/TSN
o Peer-to-Peer time of day clocking and synchronization (gPTP)
o Stream Reservations (SRP)
o Automatic traffic shaping and queuing
o Discovery, connection, and control
- Illustrate how AVB/TSN provides a commonality of infrastructure applications such as performance venues, houses of worship, conference rooms, etc.
- Explore the diagnostics tools available for AVB/TSN troubleshooting.

Lab Portion:
The class will be given an exercise that defines key network and performance requirements which would include options including converged data, uplinks to routed subnets, multiple switches in a mesh format, etc.
A demo will feature a talker and listener on a switch. This will highlight tools the switch offer for troubleshooting, monitoring and show convergence by running control over this switch. It will then move on to using a controller to set up streams and then identify media clocking setup.
Students will be provided with a period to review a mock installation “scope-of-work” and then tested in an exercise to layout the network based on the AV and IT requirements given for the project.


Brent Butterworth
Brent Butterworth
Industry Expert
Avnu Alliance Consultant
Brent Butterworth has worked in the electronics industry since 1989 as a journalist, marketer, and consultant. He currently writes and edits for SoundStage, The Wirecutter, Home Theater Review and JazzTimes, and is former editor-in-chief of Home Theater and former contributing technical editor for Sound & Vision. He has tested more than 2,500 audio and video products and written innumerable articles explaining audio and video technologies and design. He has worked as a marketing director for Dolby Laboratories, where he was tasked with educating licensees, press and consumers about the company’s technologies. He also works as a consultant, providing product development and testing services to companies ranging in size from 3 to more than 300,000 employees, and creating marketing documents and materials for a wide variety of companies.
Ben Wilmot
Ben Wilmot
Biamp Systems
Based in London, England, Ben Wilmot joined Biamp Systems in 2012 as an applications engineer, strengthening Biamp’s European presence in its 24-hour global support. He brings almost 20 years of experience including expertise in designing and installing networked audio systems, with a focus on networked signal processing and distribution, system control and monitoring, and fault-tolerance in life-safety applications. He holds a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Music Technology from the University of York, and his varied professional experience and understanding of sound enabled him to specialize in integrated public address and voice evacuation systems for a variety of venues from museums and stadiums to oil rigs and cruise ships. He has worked on several prestigious projects including London’s Millennium Dome, Ascot Racecourse, and the VW Group’s AutoStadt.
Zach Snook
Zach Snook
Senior Applications Engineer
Biamp Systems
Zach Snook, a Senior Applications Engineer with Biamp Systems since 2008, began his love of AV system design like many others—while playing in a local band. This experience nurtured his interest and moved him to Columbia College Chicago. There he received a Bachelor's degree with a double concentration in Systems Contracting and Live Sound Reinforcement.

Prior to joining Biamp, Zach spent eight years working for an audio/video integrator, designing and commissioning systems. The wide variety of clientele he worked with gave him the opportunity to learn the requirements of many types of system design — from small churches to large venue theaters and nightclubs to boardrooms. This real world experience enables him to support Biamp’s customer based in a wide variety of areas.

In recent years Zach’s interests have started to focus on how the AV industry and the IT industry have begun to meld together. While this is happening quickly there seems to be a knowledge gap in what each side understands about the other. Zach has strived to bridge this gap by becoming more involved in industry education and support efforts, specifically in the areas of Networked AV and Voice over IP (VoIP). His outreach includes numerous Biamp factory trainings, topic-specific road shows, and presentations at InfoComm, ISE, and AVnu events.