Joseph Sarrasin
7 Feb 2018 | 11:30 - 12:00 | Unified Communications Theatre | Crestron Add to calendar
Making today's UC solutions work for you
Joseph Sarrasin
Technology Manager, Unified Communications
As workspace design and workplace technology have changed, it's now much easier to communicate and collaborate. This new reality also presents new challenges for IT professionals. With so many more people and devices connecting to the network, how do you create security? Since everyone is using a different conferencing service on their mobile devices, how do you deliver a consistent user experience and provide seamless interoperability? Now that there is so much more technology in more dispersed spaces, how are systems deployed and managed on such a large scale? Hear how to overcome today's workplace challenges to make these solutions work for you and your organisation.
Speaker Biography:
Joseph Sarrasin, Technology Manager, Unified Communications at Crestron