Julian Pieters
7 Feb 2018 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | Ampetronic Add to calendar
Future of assistive listening
Julian Pieters
Managing Director
We will paint a picture of where hearing loops are headed in the foreseeable future. We will talk about why loops remain relevant as assistive listening device, despite being such an old, analogue technology. What needs to happen to replace loops and telecoils, and over what time period? We will also talk briefly about other technology developments in hearing aids, and in assistive listening technologies. We will reference the ways that loop system technology continues to develop, as well as ways in which loops continue to evolve and be adopted into new applications.
Speaker Biography:
Julian is an Engineering graduate from Cambridge University and has an MBA from INSEAD. He joined Ampetronic in 2004 to strengthen the management team while Ampetronic expands rapidly into new markets.rnrnJulian's vision, drive and acumen are instrumental to the success of Ampetronic, both as a company and as developers of world leading assistive listening solutions. He has been actively promoting equal access legislation and induction loop technology globally for well over a decade.