Jaume Portell
8 Feb 2018 | 11:30 - 12:00 | Smart Building Solutions Theatre | Beabloo Add to calendar
Active retail Intelligence: when Artificial Intelligence meets Digital Signage
Jaume Portell
CEO Beabloo
Digital Signage technology has been developing powerful capabilities to amaze customers in the retail space, visuals, formats, resolutions. Sensing technologies have added eyes and ears to retail spaces and can now understand who, where and when in real time, with high precision.When those two technologies meet in the retail space, a new discipline arises with a strong voice: Active Retail Intelligence.Sensing systems observe customers, their age, gender, mood, where they are, what they touch, they listen to their voices and learn by understanding how they interact with content delivered in a retail space. With that level of sensing and having a powerful efficient Proximity Digital Marketing solution in hand, the translation of all those learning points to action becomes a must.Machine learning algorithms propose which content is most relevant for a certain audience, at any given point of time, and activating those content changes in real time converts an attractive Digital Signage system into an Artificial Intelligence system that creates value for retailers 24 x 7. In this session the presenter will cover the trends and use cases of Active Retail Intelligence and how, today, Shopping Malls and Stores are creating value with these new technologies. From Voice enabled Digital Signage Bots, to Digital Signage systems that leverage machine learning technologies to choose what to show and to automatically the conversion ratio.
Speaker Biography:
Jaume has more than 23 year's experience in the IT sector, and spent six years as the Director of Technology at eDreams - Europe's leading online travel agency.Jaume received his degree in IT Engineering at Universitat Polit'cnica de Catalunya, and later pursued an MBA at ESADE (Barcelona), graduating in 2008. As CEO he brings to bear his ample management experience focused on building highly effective teams and organisations to create value added technologies that work. He is particularly interested in business strategy issues and in building a strong culture that can provide the end customer with a much better product or service, one that can really make a difference.rnrnWhen he is not busy being CEO of Beabloo or spending time with his four children, he enjoys running, playing basketball, listening to jazz and experimenting with photography.