Kieran Walsh
7 Feb 2018 | 17:30 - 18:00 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | Brand Definition Add to calendar
The convergence of AV and IT
Kieran Walsh
Director of Application Engineering
For much of the world, the IT revolution is old news. With incredible leaps in speed and capability, the same technology that connects a PC to a printer now carries hundreds of channels of real time, uncompressed audio alongside all the data an AV system requires. The cost savings and increased flexibility are driving the industry into new modes and workflows - and new concerns. With the transition comes the need for new tools and models of use. The IT world has long ago developed robust models for managing networks, providing AV newcomers with an ample roadmap. This session will examine the ways in which AV products point the way towards an integrated management approach.
Speaker Biography:
Kieran has enjoyed a varied career in Audio engineering, currently the role at Audinate sees him giving support and training to manufacturers of a wide range of AV equipment. Prior to Joining Audinate, Kieran was Head of Digital and RF at Britannia Row Productions. Apart from the work most associated with Britannia Row, being live concert sound production, Britannia Row has a healthy interest in "special projects". These projects included many broadcast events where equipment and skills would be leased to a facilities house. Kieran was heavily involved in integrating equipment from various departments and disciplines to create a functioning system. Kieran attributes his interest in the integration of different disciplines to his background and training as a classical musician and producer/engineer of classical and Jazz recordings, which have been carried as radio programs and incidental music for feature films.