Adam Cuzzort
7 Feb 2018 | 17:00 - 17:30 | Unified Communications Theatre | Prysm Add to calendar
Here's why it's time to start customising your collaboration solutions
Adam Cuzzort
CTO, Solutions
The successful integrators of tomorrow are forward thinking and are looking for new ways to add value for their customers in ways that their competitors cannot. This is especially true for the collaboration space, where technology changes quickly. The future of collaboration lies in customisation and providing enterprises with the solutions that empower employees to be more engaged and productive. To do this successfully, systems integrators and enterprises must work with trusted technology suppliers who can help integrate existing IT infrastructures while also providing the tools and platform to build customised collaboration experiences. In this conversation, Adam Cuzzort of Prysm will discuss the need for agnostic and customisable enterprise collaboration platforms, how you can identify partners and tools to integrate and ultimately deliver a powerful solution that works the way customers want.
Speaker Biography:
Adam Cuzzort is chief technology officer, Solutions at Prysm, where he and his team are building cutting edge technology to power the future of collaboration. Before joining Prysm, Adam served as chief technology officer for Anacore.