Ethan Wetzell
9 Feb 2018 | 11:30 - 12:00 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | Bosch Security Systems Add to calendar
Protocols, Standards, and Solutions: navigating the road to media networking technologies
Ethan Wetzell
Engineering Core Platform Strategist
Bosch Security Systems
Discussions on moving audio and video over networks are full of acronyms and technologies that combine to create solutions. But what is the difference between a protocol, a standard, and a solution? More importantly, how do these different technologies come together in an actual product? In this session, Ethan Wetzell discusses how Bosch's OMNEO has combined and built upon protocols and standards to create a complete solution with the aim of helping the audience learn more about these technical building blocks.
Speaker Biography:
Ethan Wetzell has worked in professional audio for over 25 years, in positions ranging from front of house and studio engineer to global product manager for Electro-Voice DSP. Ethan is an active participant in standards activities such as AES-67 and X-210 and works extensively with trade associations such as the AVnu Alliance and OCA Alliance.