Mark Needham
7 Feb 2018 | 11:30 - 12:00 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | Cisco Add to calendar
AV huddle rooms are dead, long live the AV huddle rooms
Mark Needham
Product Manager EMEA
The concept of huddle rooms in the workplace isn't new, it's just took until now for marketing and facilities to create a cool funky name for them.You know what these rooms are, if not by name - most include a small table, a few chairs, and possibly a speakerphone, if you are very lucky, there may also be a standard dry erase board or flip charts! The AV Huddle room today is becoming a trend due to a number of factors; the movement to open spaces, the need to meet on the fly, hyperfast working processes demanding rapid innovation and iteration , flexible working, open office environments and the increased need to support collaborative and distributed work teams. The challenge is the Huddle Rooms of old where afterthoughts in building design, poorly funded, poorly considered, and lacking the panache of the customised, integrated large meeting/ boardrooms leading to underutilisation and poor ROI. Users of today's Huddle Rooms have high expectations and specific needs all of which require fulfilment at a much lower cost than a highly customised and stylised room, but not at the cost of the experience. This session will help you determine your requirements for these spaces, key elements to consider and how you deliver these with scale. There is no point in investing in these spaces if the experience is sub optimal, we will help ensure that the decisions your make will deliver the experience your staff demand and deserve.rn
Speaker Biography:
In working with Cisco's Collaboration Architectures Go-To-Market Sales and Strategy teams, Mark Needham's career has been entwined with the evolution of technology, digital disruption and leveraging technologies to drive business value for customers and employees alike. Recent focus includes the adoption of collaboration technologies, strategies to unlock the business value these drive and leading cross functional teams to deliver innovative solutions to business problems. Mark completed his MBA from Warwick Business School in 2014, focused on business growth strategy, market analysis and innovation. Mark's dissertation researched the application of new technologies and data to drive highly personalised relationships with consumers and employees. Mark lives in London, is married with a new baby, a young daughter and is passionate for all things sport and travel.rn