Mark Needham
9 Feb 2018 | 11:00 - 11:30 | Unified Communications Theatre | Cisco Add to calendar
I Work With You, Not For You! Running your business like a millennial (even if you're not)
Mark Needham
Product Manager EMEA
By 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce, It is not only a generational shift in the numbers in the workforce, but an epic turning point. This is the final stage of a historic period of profound change globally and a corresponding transformation in the very fundamentals of the employer-employee relationship. The generational shift presents a whole new set of challenges for employers, employees, and for managers at all levels. The generational difference today is not only an important diversity issue, but also a powerful lens through which to understand the changing labour market, the changing workforce, the changing workplace, the changing nature of employment, and even changes in the very nature of work. We should not expect the new millennial workforce to eventually 'grow up and settle down' and start thinking and behaving more like those of previous generations. Rather, the 'grown-ups' will find themselves thinking and behaving more and more like the Millennials.
Speaker Biography:
In working with Cisco's Collaboration Architectures Go-To-Market Sales and Strategy teams, Mark Needham's career has been entwined with the evolution of technology, digital disruption and leveraging technologies to drive business value for customers and employees alike. Recent focus includes the adoption of collaboration technologies, strategies to unlock the business value these drive and leading cross functional teams to deliver innovative solutions to business problems.Mark completed his MBA from Warwick Business School in 2014, focused on business growth strategy, market analysis and innovation. Mark's dissertation researched the application of new technologies and data to drive highly personalised relationships with consumers and employees. Mark lives in London, is married with a new baby, a young daughter and is passionate for all things sport and travel.