Jamie Adkin
9 Feb 2017 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Commercial Solutions Theatre | Adder Technology Add to calendar
Future control room design: the role of technology
Jamie Adkin
VP Sales Manager EMEA
Adder Technology
Jamie Adkin and partners will discuss the ways in which different technologies are influencing control room design, what the far future could look like, as well as a realistic vision of the space. Based on collaboration with other organisations, including furniture designers, ergonomic experts and AV manufacturers on projects across the world, the presenters will draw upon the white paper and focus on how technology, like KVM, fits into design and ultimately can help determine the success of a control room.Control room design has evolved, driven by changes in technology, operational models, employee well-being and performance. The one that has remained static is the criticality of the role that these hubs often play. These dedicated spaces are designed to help operators in high-stress situations make informed, quick, and often mission critical, decisions. The actual design and development of the control room is guided by a number of factors, including budget, organisational structure, purpose of the facility, and staff complement. But: ultimately the success of any given control room design depends on the way in which the technologies are brought together to create the most efficient environment that meets the operational needs. Computers, displays, keyboards and mice are components that must be considered amongst the wider topics of room size and layout, visualisation and connectivity.rFrom current trends, like centralisation, to future trends that involve a reliance on artificial intelligence, the design of the control room will adapt to cater for these requirements.
Speaker Biography:
Adder Technology, the IP-based high performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) specialist, will be represented by newly promoted Jamie Adkin at ISE 2017. Jamie is now VP Sales EMEA, and has worked within the industry for almost 10 years. Jamie has consistently provided a customer focus, leadership and innovation to further drive the success of Adder Technology products and partners. His expanded remit now includes developing company strategy that directly contributes to the growth and expansion of the Adder brand across EMEA. Working closely with Adder sales and marketing team Jamie will be responsible for implementing a channel strategy which focus? on partner development and sales enablement across multiple industries.rnJamie?s ability to build confidence and gain the trust of partners, integrators and end users have been key in building Adders success. Working with several key channel partners Jamie has overseen the installation of many significant AdderLink Infinity installations with great success across the EMEA region.rn