Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía
31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023


Looking for a switch that does more? Find out more about our RJS-SDE, 3-in-1 switch combining full-screen TFT LCD display, rotary encoder and push button, all in one!
See more at: www.rjselectronics.com or speak to us direct +44(0)1234 213600.


RJS Electronics Ltd. RJS-SDE, a multi-purpose component combining a full colour TFT LCD Display, Rotary Encoder and Pushbutton switch, these features contribute to the compact design of the RJS-SDE.

The LCD display is programmed via an SPI interface(a 4-wire series interface), the Rotary and switch functions are addressed separately. This makes the learning curve exceptionally easy to use as you don’t have to learn how to use proprietary software to work with the RJS-SDE.

The RJS-SDE is approximate, Ø 50.5mm Navigation Switch available in stainless steel case or plastic case. The RJS-SDE can be customised!
We have improved our libraries for use with our programmable switches, having a Raspberry pi python library for the RJS-SDE

Find out more about the RJS-SDE: https://www.rjselectronics.com/products/navigation-switch-rotary-encoder-push-button-rjs-sde/
See the full range – https://www.rjselectronics.com/products/
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