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31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

Tips for making the most of your contentRISE Spotlight: Digital Signage - New Solutions for a New Era

Digital Signage Best Practice was the subject of one of the Watercooler Virtual Meets at the RISE Spotlight: Digital Signage – New Solutions for a New Era. Michael Kellaway, Managing Director, UK at AVI-SPL, and Richard Daugherty, Digital Media Solutions Engineer at the company, took questions from the online audience. AVI-SPL was also the sponsor for the entire RISE Spotlight event.

Content was a popular topic, with the audience keen to know what works best and how to keep it fresh.

Daugherty explained: “It all depends on what message you want to share with your audience. If you have a video wall, you want eye-catching content and to create something memorable and unexpected. Less is more when it comes to corporate messaging, however. If you have a lot to say, include a QR code so people can scan it and walk away with the information that you’ve intended to deliver.”

When it comes to keeping content fresh, he suggested: “Two weeks is probably a good point to refresh your content. If you don’t see anything new, it becomes a blind spot.”

Content is, of course, key to keeping customers engaged. “If you have static signage versus motion video, what are you going to look at? Motion video will always win,” said Daugherty. AI is taking this even further. “You can have cameras on your digital signage and the CMS is intelligent enough to understand who is in front of it, what gender, what age, and adjust the content. You can have preset triggers for different demographics to really play to your audience.”

The cost of digital signage was also a recurring topic. In terms of the entry threshold for businesses looking to deploy digital signage, Kellaway was quick to point out that signage can start off with a single display. “It’s totally scalable so it depends on your budget and what you want to get out of the deployment, but it could be as cheap as a player, a display and the CMS.”

Ongoing costs also need to be factored in, added Daugherty: “Keep in mind that with a cloud solution it’s subscription-based so this is a yearly cost, but you’ll get updates and support.”

Looking to the future, Kellaway concluded: “There’ll be a big drive towards cloud and as-a-service for this type of solutions set. It’s going to be about innovating around content and how you push that content out towards your consumer base.”

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