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31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

Getting to a carbon neutral footprintRISE Spotlight: Digital Signage – New Solutions for an New Era

Florian Rotberg and Stefan Schieker from invidis consulting returned to this edition of RISE Spotlight to present Invidis Market Insights, sharing an industry update on green digital signage, a trend that is putting the technology on the C-level agenda.

Schieker explained: “Chief executives are starting to ask the question ‘How can we get to a carbon neutral footprint, how can we become more sustainable’. That’s a C-level agenda item so expect to be asked this much, much more often for future projects.”

Rotberg highlighted the three key elements to consider when implementing green digital signage – hardware, operational efficiency and the kind of energy you’re using.

Schieker expanded: “It all starts with the product design ­– which will impact not just materials used but also power consumption – followed by production, logistics and then the operation of digital signage systems. Things like turning screens on and off and using sensors to dim brightness levels all play a role here. Then there’s the recycling of the materials.”

Rotberg agreed: “Some manufacturers are beginning to design screens that are easier to recycle. You can separate each individual component for recycling and, obviously, the longer you use some of the components, the better it is for the environment.”

“The awareness has changed and it’s a great opportunity,” he added. “For the first time we have C-levels really thinking about signage and it has a relevance for them, so we believe the whole issue is really positive.”

Watch the full Invidis Market Insights session here


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