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RISE Spotlight: XR in Today’s RealityOn the Sofa

Why lockdown has accelerated XR usage

XR has developed in leaps and bounds over this past year, yet there is still more to come. Raffaella Camera, who recently drove XR strategy at Accenture, gave an informed insight into trends within the VR and AR markets, and offered predictions about the sectors that are set to benefit most from these technologies.

Since its breakthrough in 2010, the variable world of XR has continued to secure fans and followers alike. Along with the development of its technologies and the global phenomenon of so many people staying at home this year, the 2020 isolation has accelerated XR’s use, particularly on the consumer side.

“We thought the explosion and true usage of AR in VR wasn’t going to happen on the consumer side until 2023,” Raffaella told TNW’s Már Másson Maack . “Being isolated at home has allowed for interaction with brands and products which has forced companies in general to accelerate the usage of AR in VR in a cross-platform solution.”

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“2020 has definitely taught us to leave behind a little bit of our purist views of AR and VR and embrace the technology in 2.5D and full 3D,” she continued.

We are increasingly seeing the use of XR appearing in our everyday lives; in most cases we are not even aware of it, as can be seen for example in the use of the multimedia messaging app Snapchat.

“I consider Snapchat to be the pioneer and inventor in anything to do with AR.” said Raffaella.  “They took AR and created the lenses many years ago, making it commonplace for everyone – to the point where people don’t even think of it as AR, they just think of it as a lens. Now I think shopping, events and music concerts will all follow that same process.”

As Accenture XR looks towards the next few years, there are high hopes for XR in 2023. With the launch of new products and services, we are just getting started: “We’re anticipating the launch of new models of AR glasses for consumers. We also expect to see improvements in display and optics and certainly the proliferation of 5G so you can stream and access content that is a lot heavier than what you stream directly on the web today,” concluded Raffaella.