Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía
31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

RISE Spotlight: Workspace EvolutionStartup Nation

Startups looking to revolutionise the world of work

With distributed teams ever more present, Youri Doeleman, partner of venture capital firm Antler, used the Startup Nation RISE Spotlight session to highlight the innovation taking place among companies that are developing tools to enhance collaboration, improve physical and mental wellbeing, and support employees.

Doeleman highlighted a number of specific startups that are active in this sector, including Textio, a tool designed to support written communications. With more people relying on email, WhatsApp and other text-based tools, Textio uses AI to flag how copy can be improved. This may be highlighting if potential bias has been introduced, improving consistency or making text more powerful to create better outcomes.

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In the field of collaboration, Doeleman cited Miro, which is helping with creative brainstorming by allowing teams to collaborate in an intuitive way via tools such as virtual whiteboards.

It should also be remembered that a workplace doesn’t have to be an office, and robotics automation startup Cognicept recognises this with its ‘human in the loop’ autonomous systems. Particularly popular in the warehouse space, Cognicept offers remote human support for robotic applications, much improving reliability.

In the field of physical health, Doeleman highlighted AI-powered Clear, which offers personalised nutritional plans and health advice by analysing the diets that work for individuals based on their activity level and food tolerance levels.

Representatives from two Antler-financed startups also joined the session to deliver three-minute elevator pitches about their company. Charlotte Ekelund talked viewers through Teemyco, a virtual office provider. As well as creating virtual workspaces, including rooms for scheduled meetings and ad-hoc conversations, users can also ‘grab a coffee’ with a colleague or challenge others to a game in the games room, helping to support the informal and social aspects that many remote workers miss.

That games room also utilises technology from fellow Antler-backed startup Atium. Guido Knook explained that this web app helps to solve the challenges of team building and encouraging trust between employees when teams are remote. It offers a wide variety of inclusive activities and games that facilitate connections and start conversations. Popular offerings include the Gif Tournament, whereby employees are challenged to create the best gif, and the mimic an animal game.

Following the pitch, attendees were able to vote on their favourite startup; Teemyco took the crown with 45% of the vote.