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31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

Part of the solutionDigital Signage demonstrates resilience

Live events is just one of the sectors where digital signage is part of the solution for the new normal, says Florian Rotberg, Managing Director of invidis

While the pandemic dominated 2020 and remains a major challenge in the new year, the demand for digital signage never dried up. Even though projects were postponed, the majority of digital signage market players recorded revenues in line with previous years. The main reason for the resilience of the digital signage market is that displays in public spaces are part of the solution and not part of the problem of the new normal.

Dynamic messages and relevant information at the right time and place have never been more important than today. That remains one of the most important growth factors for 2021 and beyond. As requirements are changing, digital signage offer tools and supports processes relevant to clients. Invidis has identified five trends that will drive the demand for digital signage:


Everything has become hybrid since the outbreak of the pandemic. Live events is perhaps the most obvious sector to have moved to on- and offline; but in particular, retailers are transforming their stores into studios for live shopping and offices are becoming special places for creative teamwork, socialising and everything that working from home lacks. Hybrid events, hybrid retail and hybrid offices are the new normal and require dynamic digital canvases fully connected to backend systems. Hey presto – that is what digital signage was created for.

Understanding the Customer

Consumer behaviour has changed dramatically since the pandemic. Long established behaviours and preferences changed overnight. Retailers and brands need to understand the new normal. Just collecting various data points on- and offline doesn’t bring the necessary insights. It’s about turning data into dollars and winning the customers’ hearts and minds. Data provided by the customer for free needs to create value and improve the shopping experience and convenience.

Activating the customer and employee

The store, and also the office, need to offer more than just a location for transactions and work. Concepts for the new normal need to inspire, offer experiences and affirmation. But the target groups are also looking for gratification and a sense of belonging.

Last but not least, public spaces will need to offer a safe environment for socialising, which we are all missing so much since settling into hour home offices more than a year ago.

The new high street ecosystem

For more than a century, the high street dominated cities around the world: no high street – no downtown city life. US cities have experienced what it means to locate retail in huge malls in surburbs while the quality of living deteriorates downtown. Retail, offices and especially municipalities need to coordinate activities to make smarter, more liveable cities. Digital touchpoints and sensors inside digital out of home and smart city infrastructure add value, safety and quality of life to urban life. While online retail continues to offer excellent convenience and service, stationary retail offers the best and most immersive experiences consumer like to return to.

Sustainability and green AV

Sustainability and climate change is our biggest challenge for generations to come. Digital signage and pro AV are no exception. Clients expect energy saving digital signage hardware but also sustainable operating concepts. While promising sustainability to shareholders for years, blue-chip enterprises are turning now to suppliers for the most green solution. Green signage is here to stay and it starts with awareness.


While digital signage is an excellent tool to support processes, it is also made for creating immersive experiences. Many of the most fascinating digital experiences are designed by creative digital studios which are not household names in the industry. invidis visited a few of the studios in Berlin

for a behind-the-scenes look: a fully LED-covered Hyundai showroom in Seoul, digital experience concepts for Mercedes Benz in China, museums and exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and Israel and the Netflix and Salesforce lobbies.

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