Residential & Smart Building Zone

Residential & Smart Building Zone
From simple smart lighting and heating tools to fully networked solutions, residential and smart building technologies are delivering comfort, efficiency and luxury in both new and retrofit properties.

Residential & Smart Building ZoneOnce the preserve of the ultra-rich, smart home technology has moved firmly into the mainstream in recent years. From simple smart lighting and heating tools to fully networked solutions featuring interconnected devices such as sensors, displays, audio systems, security devices, HVAC and control, residential and smart building technologies are delivering comfort, efficiency and luxury in both new and retrofit properties.

When it comes to creating a smart home, the options are virtually limitless. Cinema rooms have long been a key component of residential projects and this looks set to continue. Trends for this room include the emergence of MicroLED video walls for ultra-premium spaces and immersive audio systems, including wireless immersive setups. Indeed, entertainment often plays a big role in residential projects, with stunning 4K, HDR UHD LED or QLED displays a popular choice. Speakers and amplifiers are central to a high-end audio system, with in-wall, in-ceiling and invisible models all popular where aesthetics are also an important consideration. Purpose-designed immersive gaming spaces are a more recent addition to residential projects, with high-end audio, video, lighting and even simulators combining to create the ultimate gaming experience.

Away from the entertainment side of things, sustainability is a key area of focus for many investing in residential technology, and this now goes beyond simply having a smart thermostat or smart light bulbs. Automating devices to only turn on when they’re needed, creating zoned heating, setting alerts to highlight any unexpected rise in device energy usage and remote monitoring of systems to ensure they’re operating at their best all help to reduce energy costs and improve the efficiency of smart homes.

While all of this may sound complicated, AI is on hand to learn the preferences and routines of occupants to create personalised smart home routines, monitor devices, analyse data from smart meters and occupancy patterns to ensure the home works efficiently, and help to create a unified ecosystem in which devices can communicate seamlessly for an intuitive end-user experience.

When it comes to commercial smart building, the aims are similar to the residential sector, with occupant comfort and safety as well as the sustainability benefits common reasons for investing in smart tech. However, these buildings tend to be on a bigger scale, making building management systems (BMS) key to their success. The BMS can be directly integrated with other building services, such as security, CCTV and safety systems from multiple vendors, as well as enabling remote access for maintenance and upgrades. An IoT-enabled BMS will also be able to collate data from network-connected equipment like HVAC, security and lighting systems, which can then be used to automate and optimise building functions, enhancing both comfort and efficiency.

Indeed, building analytics is a key benefit of investing in smart technology, enabling building managers to monitor everything from temperature and which lights are on, to room occupancy rates and energy use. As 5G networks develop, IoT capabilities will be enhanced, offering real-time data and the ability to respond more quickly to changing conditions.

Ease of use is central to the success of any smart home or building installation, which makes the control system a key aspect of any project. Major vendors in this area include Control4, Crestron and Savant, which offer apps, touchscreens and voice control solutions, while Gira is a full-service provider of intelligent systems for networked digital building control.

TVs and displays are often the most eye-catching aspect of commercial and residential projects. Here Samsung offers products including the The Wall microLED display and The Frame, which mimics the look of a picture frame. Other popular brands include Sony and LG.

When it comes to audio, Bang & Olufsen, Focal, Revolution Acoustics and Stealth Acoustics are among those delivering the high-end listening experience audiophiles expect. In addition, Harman Luxury offers advanced signal processors, equalisers, amplifiers and loudspeakers for rooms of any size.

On the sustainability side, Airzone provides solutions that reduce the energy consumption of HVAC installations, Zykronix offers building management tools and Lutron is known for its energy-saving smart lighting controls and automated blinds for both commercial and residential applications.

All of these manufacturers, along with the ISE co-owner CEDIA and Presenting Show Partner KNX, will be present in the Residential & Smart Building Zone in Hall 2 at ISE 2024.


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