KNX on fully integrated IoT

KNX on fully integrated IoT
Imagine a world where IoT devices are not only seamlessly integrated, but work perfectly to understand the needs of the individual user.

For example, you could teach the ecosystem of IoT devices in your home to conjure up a particular atmosphere at a certain time of day: the lighting system, air conditioning, music, humidity control and other IoT devices would be working as if orchestrated by a skilled DJ to create the perfect conditions for that moment.

You don’t need to imagine any longer. This is not the future of IoT, it is already being made possible – and KNX is leading the way. 

IoT is growing rapidly

The need for a full integration of IoT devices, though, is not just about comfort or ease of use at home. The Internet of Things is becoming ever more important in many aspects of our lives. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global IoT market is projected to grow from $662.21 billion in 2023 to $3,352.97 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 26.1%. Last April, Transforma Insights forecast the number of connected devices to grow globally to 30.5 billion by 2030. This growth is being driven by the increasing use of IoT devices in a wide range of applications, including smart homes, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. 

IoT connection forecast 2030

Factors driving growth in the IoT market include:

  • Affordable, high-performance sensors and devices, enabling data collection and transmission
  • High-speed, low-cost connectivity, facilitating device interconnection and internet access
  • Increasing business demand for IoT data for improved decision-making in various areas

Concerns that need answers

The growth of the IoT market is reflective of structural changes in our society and the business world. Today we cannot reasonably imagine our lives without connectivity. A recent study by Ipsos found that 71% of respondents cannot imagine life without the internet. 

But at the same time, the study shows that ordinary people are increasingly concerned about the dangers that technology brings: sixty percent of respondents fear that technological progress is destroying our lives.

Ipsos Global Trends - central role of technologyIpsos Global Trends: worries about technology

More specific concerns are raised by IoT users in the arena of smart homes and buildings. For instance, there is no clear information about where the data collected by IoT devices goes or how it is used. This insufficient level of transparency has led to a lack of trust. Additionally, IoT devices often become obsolete quickly, which can be inconvenient and expensive for consumers.

There is no doubt that, while IoT is gaining a very important place in our society, the industry must respond dependably to the situation. Social responsibility, trusted systems and optimisation of energy consumption must inspire our efforts to build the future of IoT.

This is a challenge that we must address not only in terms of vision and values but also from a practical point of view. We need to address technical challenges including interoperability, energy efficiency and security. With those concerns tackled, we can look at IoT as an enabler for a better future. 

KNX devices, for instance, include security by design to guarantee the protection of data through encryption, authentication, and authorisation mechanisms among other features. 

From just connected devices to full integration
The full integration of IoT devices, beyond mere connectivity, is among the answers that KNX is proposing to address the desires and concerns expressed by people around the world. Designing one ecosystem with such a vision brings a number of unique benefits for professionals, building managers and investors, as well as homeowners. 

KNX’s technology makes it easier for professionals to design and deploy an ecosystem that integrates all products, solutions and services seamlessly. Thanks to our extensive range of services and expert support, manufacturers are also able to shorten the time to market of their new products. End consumers also enjoy important benefits: a full integration helps them to cut installation and maintenance costs, improves the efficiency of a home or a building, and eliminates the frustration of  dealing with devices that do not communicate properly.

KNX is capable of operating a full integration of IoT devices. This is because it is an open source global standard that allows devices from different manufacturers to work together seamlessly - thus creating a truly integrated system. KNX offers the largest selection of smart home and building devices available on the market. There are over 8,000 certified KNX products available from over 500 manufacturers, so that all sorts of home or building automation needs can be addressed. 

With the adoption of KNX IoT and ETS, among other solutions and innovations, KNX has created the perfect conditions for building systems of connected devices that work seamlessly and efficiently. 

The image below is a schematic representation of the KNX ecosystem.

Schematic of KNX IoT

KNX IoT makes it more effective to connect devices and systems over IP, thanks to IPv6. It also adds new physical and network layers, like THREAD, to communicate wirelessly. This makes it easier for manufacturers, developers, and system integrators to create and deploy KNX IoT devices and ecosystems.

KNX IoT and ETS are just two examples of how KNX solutions provide a more interoperable and easier-to-use alternative to other IoT technologies and represent an intelligent choice for businesses and homeowners who want to create a truly integrated and smart environment. They show KNX’s commitment to making sure that the future of IoT is one of wellbeing and sustainable progress. Stay tuned, we plan to share more.

KNX at ISE 2024

On Stand 2L300, KNX will present how the largest ecosystem of smart home and building devices can help in creating a more sustainable world. In addition, professionals interested in the home and building automation industry will find tools to help them start easily with KNX.

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