ISE 2024's record-breaking performance detailed in Facts & Figures report

ISE 2024's record-breaking performance detailed in Facts & Figures report

The official Facts & Figures report for ISE 2024 is now available to download.

Each year, this report features detailed statistics and demographic information about the ISE audience. 

Here’s a snapshot of some of the key numbers in the report, starting with the show floor itself.

Stand space

This was the largest ISE to date in terms of floor area. The figure of 82,000m2 includes exhibitor stand space as well as show floor features, audio demo rooms and stages.

Attendee summary

This is the highest attendance of any ISE so far.

Among all attendee groups, 24,815 people (33.6% of the total) visited ISE for the first time.


ISE 2024 attendee types

These were record numbers across all three types of attendee.

ISE 2024 daily visits

Daily visits on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all achieved record numbers for those respective days at any edition of ISE

The total number of visits across the four days (calculated by adding the daily attendances) was 163,784 – this is a 29.7% increase on the 2023 show.

If we include activity on Monday 29 January, the total visit figure rises to 172,627.


Attendees by country ISE 2024

ISE continues to draw a broadly based international audience. This table shows the top 10 best-represented countries.

Many countries saw significant increases in attendee numbers, including important AV market territories in northern Europe such as Germany (26.3%), Belgium (31.8%), Poland (40.2%), Switzerland (20.0%), Norway (22.0%), and Austria (27.5%).

Other information in the Facts & Figures report includes:

  • Attendee profiles: job title, age and gender

  • Attendee spending power and purchasing authority

  • Breakdowns of AV channel and end-user attendees

  • Channel attendees: roles and sectors served

  • Technologies sought out by attendees

  • Top end-user sectors

Click here to download the full ISE 2024 Facts & Figures report.

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