Content Production & Distribution Zone

Content Production & Distribution Zone
Some of the most significant and fastest-developing AV technologies can be found among companies concentrating on content production and distribution at ISE 2024, while the sectors that stand to benefit from these developments range from entertainment to education, from retail marketing to tourism, as well as corporate, conferences, sports, and more.

Content Production & Distribution ZoneImmersive video production allows for the capture and delivery of 360-degree and VR content, which has applications beyond simply gaming with a headset. The tourism sector, for example, can use VR to let potential travellers, or those unable to travel, visit locations virtually . This not only enriches the user experience and helps fulfil bookings, but it can also cut down on air travel and other potential environmental impacts.

Sport too has a vested interest in bringing the stadium to the living room through VR, as does the live entertainment sector. The quest to offer fans an enhanced experience has led to further innovations for interactivity, user interfaces, and AR technologies, bringing an additional layer of engagement.

In the ‘real world’, theatregoers, or fans at concerts and events, can enjoy visually stunning experiences never possible before thanks to the rise of extended reality (XR) stages and virtual production techniques. Media servers based on powerful GPUs, high-resolution projectors, and fine-pixel-pitch LED displays together are moving the goalposts of creativity all the time. These innovations aren’t reserved for massive shows and concerts: retail, fashion, museums and corporate events are all lining up to deliver ‘impossible’ spectacles.

Conferences, seminars, and other business events can also take advantage of these advances, for example, ‘teleporting’ a CEO and the board of directors into a shared virtual presentation space, even though they are geographically distant. Remote production and collaborative tools support this new corporate landscape, allowing content creation and training sessions with seamless communication and collaboration among teams.

All the above benefit from innovations in live streaming and video compression technology, especially over mobile networks. Low-latency codecs are being enhanced all the time: JPEG-XS for example is focused on transporting visually lossless content at low power consumption. It has many benefits for the real-time content applications mentioned above, as well as transportation and broadcasting, offering increased resolutions, high frame rates, multiple streams and microsecond latency.

Working behind the scenes to ensure secure and seamless content delivery, as well as privacy and security, are complex content management systems (CMS), often based in the cloud to enable global delivery, and real-time interactivity through edge computing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making waves in this area, as in so many others, delivering personalisation and targeted content from data analysis and offering automated content generation and editing based on machine learning.

At ISE 2024 you’ll find hundreds of companies ready to help you create and deliver your best content. In the Content Production & Distribution Zone in Hall 4, visitors to the Blackmagic Design stand will find video editing products, cameras, colour correction and video switching tech, routers, disk recorders, monitors and software for multiple AV markets. Epiphan Video is another content expert, offering remote production capabilities in the cloud, video capture cards, and live production encoding with efficient H.265/HEVC codecs. Vizrt is an established master of real-time AR graphics, virtual sets, data-driven content, and video playout, and after it joined forces with Newtek, is also the place to go for video switchers and the revolutionary NDI networking protocol. 3D Storm, the leading European distributor of Vizrt and other brands, is also on hand at ISE with its video over IP, video over IT, and live production expertise.

Exhibitors serving the content production and distribution market can also be found in the Multi-Technology Zone in Halls 3, 4 and 5. They include disguise, whose media server platform has been behind some of the world’s most complex stage productions and XR experiences;  ROE Visual and Brompton Technology, which are market leaders in LED display and LED video processing respectively for live events, film and television, especially virtual production; and Panasonic, which as well as offering advanced projectors, also has a focus on ‘Smart Live Production’, with an end-to-end portfolio consisting of its Kairos platform, PTZ and system cameras, camcorders, switchers, and robotic solutions.


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