Why Choose IsoTek

by IsoTek SMART Power (APS GmbH) | Booth: 14-N307

Why Choose IsoTek Our products also deliver unrivalled protection from damage caused by lightning strikes and power surges and extend the lifespan of valuable electronic components.
From the entry-level Discovery range to the groundbreaking Ultimate series, IsoTek creates award-winning products to suit every system and every pocket, all uniquely effective in removing both differential mode and common mode noise.
The improvements that IsoTek components bring to sound quality are immediate and profound. The noise floor drops and the sound gain greater focus, with reduced grain and improved clarity. Bass is tighter and better defined, treble gains more space and ‘air’, and the overall musical performance appears more solid and dynamic, and hence more ‘real’. In AV systems, the picture quality is similarly enhanced, with richer colours, improved depth and greater definition. Discover IsoTek and unleash your system’s full potential.