Super Slim in-wall/ceiling speaker delivers wide installation versatility

by Monitor Audio Ltd. | Booth: 5-R75

Super Slim in-wall/ceiling speaker offers wide installation versatility Space, they say, is the final frontier, especially in the real world where the lack of it can be a real challenge to discreet audio installation. If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of hi-fi sound from speakers flush with the wall surface, the last thing you need is a distinct absence of space behind it. Now there’s an answer to a perennial headache in the high-performance form of Monitor Audio’s new super-slim CSS230 in-wall/ceiling speaker.

The CSS230 is a brilliantly innovative back-box design with an impressively shallow 50mm (2”) mounting depth, custom built to offer hi-fi levels of performance in spaces where no high quality speaker has gone before. Between 2” stud frames or where pipework or cabling reduces mounting depth, the CSS230’s hybrid back-box construction and proprietary full-range driver array combine to deliver consistent audio quality with exceptional installation versatility.