FIX BIG: we want a large wall of screens

by OMB srl | Booth: 2-E40

FIX BIG When it comes to designing a new product Omb’s first priority is how to make the end user’s life and work easier.
Fix Big is an easily installed multi-screen wall display. The screens can be aligned both vertically and horizontally and the minimum distance from the wall ( just 25mm) ensures a framework .Starting form this point of view they developed a solution to allow the exposure of a lot of videos aligned on the same wall: imagine to want a "train of videos" perfectly aligned on the same side, with less or better no problems of installation, able to give an endless image.
FIX BIG is recommended for large videos (up to 110”) and has a maximum weight capacity of 125 kg and vesa 1200×900. It’s however compatible with the most common vesa dimensions for larger screens
Another 100% made in Italy product, another good, professional idea designed and developed by OMB.