Distinct, premium, unique: [re:frame] transports brand identity and emotions rather than just advertisements

by Iltis & Wiesel | Booth: 6-F164

Symbiosis of tradition and innovation. Premium and high-quality products and services require an appropriate way of presentation. [re:frame] delivers such an adequate presentation platform. Carrying emotions rather than just a message. The pursuit of identity of each brand can now leap forward. There are no boundaries for distinct and individual digital signage campaigns any more. A brand can now be differentiated from competitors by integrating an individualized presentation platform into their communication strategy.

[re:frame] unites display and media player into picture frames and is available in 27”, 32", 42”, 46” and 55” sizes. A patented mechanism allows for switching the frame in only two minutes. This gives a new dimension for customized, distinct and emotional digital signage. Framing varies from baroque to very plain wooden frames, frames made out of pure concrete and vintage-wooden frames.

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