A New Audio Benchmark For Invisible Speakers

by Monitor Audio Ltd. | Booth: 5-R75

A New Audio Benchmark For Invisible Speakers An invisible audio soundstage is a powerful attraction for homeowners, architects and designers. When so much is invested in creating a beautiful interior space, then it can be difficult to compromise that aesthetic with unsightly speaker grilles. The challenge with invisible speakers is that audio quality, which can often fall to such a level that compromise, becomes the only viable solution. Up until now, that is.

The IV140 invisible speaker delivers ‘best in class’ audio performance in concealed in-wall and in-ceiling applications. It meets the demands of designers, installers and end users by providing ultimate discretion, easy to fit installation and audiophile performance.

Concealed in-wall or in-ceilings, the speaker fits into all conventional 4” stud bays, leaving enough room for cabling. Once installed and skimmed with plaster, the speaker is completely out of sight, with paint, light wallpaper or fabric hiding it from view.