Dating for manufacturers and distributors

Advertise to thousands of potential distributors in which regions you are looking for distribution.

While for some visitors to ISE the show provides an ideal opportunity to look at all the bright, shiny objects launched since the previous year, for the large majority, it’s a place to do business.

That’s certainly true for manufacturers looking for new distributors – and distributors looking for new product lines to add to their range.

To facilitate the needs of both, ISE 2014 saw the launch of the innovative M2D (Manufacturer to Distributor) program. Simply: it’s a portal that exists to put manufacturers and distributors in touch with each other – a kind of dating service for businesses. And: it’s a completely free service provided by ISE.

Scattered throughout the ISE halls on special screens – in the Business Lounge, for example – among the extensive signage for which the show has become known, lists of territories for which manufacturers are looking for distributors will be displayed, making it easy for visitors to spot opportunities to enhance their business. The list can also be downloaded to a visitor’s mobile phone or tablet on site to review later at their leisure.

How can you get involved in the M2D programme?

Simply go to the ISE Exhibitor Back Office and log in using your regular credentials. There, you will see the “Interact with visitors” button (on the left).  Clicking on that will show you a list of territories, and you just have to choose the ones where you are looking for representation, convey the product types that are available and provide contact details. It’s that simple. Manufacturers can update their entry on the M2D portal right up to the day before the show opens. Best of all, this service is FREE to all ISE exhibitors.