Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía
31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

Logitech to showcase Scribe AI-powered whiteboard camera

Logitech Scribe and the future of video collaboration will be key topics of conversation on the Logitech stand at ISE@Barcelona.
Logitech Scribe

Picture: Business Wire

With a stated goal of democratising video meetings and supporting a lasting shift to working from anywhere, the company is focused on helping people across organisations connect face-to-face, wherever they are – without compromising on the quality, productivity or the creativity that comes from collaboration.

One element of this is Logitech Scribe, an AI-powered whiteboard camera compatible with leading services like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Designed for spaces such as meeting rooms and classrooms, Logitech Scribe is said to broadcast whiteboard content into video meetings with clarity, virtually transporting everyone into the same room. It makes brainstorming, teaching and team meetings equally accessible and productive for all participants through its simple-to-use design, levelling the playing field for distributed teams.

In-room participants can begin sharing whiteboard content into video meetings by simply pressing the wireless button included with Scribe or tapping the meeting room touch controller. The wireless button currently works with Zoom Rooms and support for Teams Rooms will come later this year. Scribe also works as a USB content camera with virtually any video conferencing application.