Live Events Summit

Live Events Summit

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    Famed for the jaw-dropping live shows, metal titan Rammstein were once again out on the road in 2022, a continuation of their Stadium tour campaign of 2019. Once again showcasing massive pyrotechnics, a stunning light show and an imposing stage set, this tour certainly lived up to the band’s reputation. For the Live Events Summit, we welcome a number of people that were involved in the production to learn what went into creating this outstanding show.
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    Post-pandemic we have seen a number of new music venues pop up over the globe, many of which are offering something new to the events space. In this panel, we speak to one of the individuals behind the UK’s latest live events destination, the Co-op Live. 
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    For the last few years, terms such as XR and AR have dominated the conversation in the live events world. In this panel, we speak to a number of experts who are utilising the latest in digital visual technology and creating whole new experiences for audiences around the world. 

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    In the events world, there is always an element of dealing with client expectations and finding the technology that best fits their needs. In this panel, we speak to a selection of individuals working in the events sector to discuss how they go about tackling a brief from a client and some of the latest technological innovations at their disposal. 
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    We invite a selection of manufacturers to discuss some of the latest innovations they are bringing to the live touring sphere and discuss what impact they are likely to have on this world. 
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