Live Events Summit


Live Events Summit

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    A summary of the day with key takeaways.
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    Presented by Stufish Entertainment Architects. STUFISH is a team of entertainment architects creating ambitious and pioneering work, exploring new ways to inspire audiences and visitors, from musical experiences to theatrical shows, exhibitions, and buildings. From the world of live touring, STUFISH has worked with the likes of Beyoncé and U2 as well as recently providing it’s services for Adele’s latest Las Vegas Residency. https://stufish.com/

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    Featuring interviews with the industry’s most respected crew members and in-depth discussions with R&D departments creating the technology that powers events, the Live Events Summit pulls back the curtain on those responsible for creating awe-inspiring spectacles for some of live music’s biggest stars.
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    A deep dive into how drones have become another option for event organisers for live events
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    How modem technology can change the way we think about audio zoning for the betterment of events while also preventing an adverse effect on surrounding residential areas
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    How video solutions are becoming more available to a greater range of creatives and show designers
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    A round table with notable lighting designers from the live touring industry discuss some of the latest trends they have noticed in the past two years and predict what we might see from production in the future

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