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ISEshow.TV brings you daily highlights from around the show, including products demos and interviews from the show floor.

After making its debut in 2016, ISEshow.TV will be back on the show floor at ISE 2017.

ISEshow.TV is produced by official ISE supplier InAVate.

View some of the footage from ISE 2016 below and on the InAVate website.

Agath debuts 4K mirror display at ISE 2016

Christophe Poitevin from Agath on the new mirror TV display with 4K resolution.

URC announces 3rd party modules

UK distributor AWE highlights its value add service of packaging systems from different manufacturers and highlights third party modules from URC.

AudioEuropa provides overview on product groups

An introduction to hearing assistance specialist AudioEuropa and a run through its three main product groups: induction loop amplifiers, IR systems and tour guide products.

Datavideo shows new KMU-100 processing unit

Valentijn Deimel from Datavideo explains the features of the new KMU-100 processing unit.

Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless demo

Sennheiser demonstrates the set up of its TeamConnect Wireless as part of the introduction of two TeamConnect products at the show.