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ISEshow.TV brings you daily highlights from around the show, including products demos and interviews from the show floor.

After making its debut in 2016, ISEshow.TV was back on the show floor at ISE 2017. ISEshow.TV is produced by official ISE supplier InAVate. View some of the footage from ISE 2017 below – there’s more on the InAVate website.

K-array launches Domino speakers

K-array launches Domino, a range of passive, full-range speakers with IP55 rating and manufactured out of stainless steel.

Panel discussion: Death of hardware

TJ Adams (QSC), Kay Ohse (Kramer) and Bob Michaels (ZeeVee) debate the death of hardware. As we move towards an AV/IT world, is it inevitable software will replace 'black boxes' so associated with the AV market in the past?

Panel discussion: What can be done to improve standards in the AV world?

Anne Brigida (infoComm) and Arne van Delf (Deerns) debate with Paul Milligan (InAVate EMEA) on the best ways to ensure a level of consistency in standards in the proAV world.

Panel discussion: What challenges do huddle rooms present for the AV industry?

InAVate EMEA editor Paul MIlligan discusses the challenges associated with designing and installing huddle rooms with two AV consultants, Mark Johnson (PTS Consulting) and Bernd Schindler.

Panel discussion: consistent experiences

In a panel discussion on InAVate’s ISE stand, editor Paul Milligan asks members of the GPA and global integrators how a consistent experience can be delivered across a global enterprise.