Avnu Alliance presents: The New Network Reality in Live Events



Avnu Alliance presents: The New Network Reality in Live Events

30 Jan 2024
CC5.3 - ISE Partner Stage

The past decade has witnessed a significant rise in real-time networking protocols’ maturity in live sound applications. These protocols have been proven effective in diverse applications that benefit from their respective strengths, but they are difficult to implement together. For networked audio applications to truly evolve and tap into their full potential, it is crucial to integrate these protocols seamlessly.

This session explores how the live sound industry, including other protocols in professional AV can take advantage of the value of Milan to foster more efficient and collaborative network environments. In this session, representatives from leading audio manufacturers will present a path toward network convergence, openness, and interoperability.

Henning Kaltheuner, Board Member - AVNU Alliance
Andy Davies, Director Product and Services - Meyer Sound
Vince Perales, Application Design Engineer, Electronics & Control - l-acoustics.
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