AI Behind the Screen - Switch Report Presentation



AI Behind the Screen - Switch Report Presentation

30 Jan 2024
CC5.3 - ISE Partner Stage
The Catalan Audiovisual Cluster presents its acclaimed report on the impact of artificial intelligence on the audiovisual industry.  It analyses the current state and prevailing trends in the automated generation of texts, images, audio, music and data analytics and looks at how will AI affect the scriptwriting, production, post-production, distribution and audience analysis. It includes a review of the most influential companies and applications and how AI will impact jobs in the creative sector.  Over 150 companies, products and experiences are organised into 10 thematic areas that exemplify the transformation that AI is causing and will cause in the way television, cinema, advertising and more are produced. “AI Behind the Screen” is a useful guide for the entire audiovisual value chain in the face of AI disruption. 
Joan Rosés, Editor - Collateral Bits
Albert Cañigueral, Consultant - Barcelona Supercomputing Center
AV Cluster
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