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ISE joins forces with IOT Solutions World Congress

Integrated Systems Europe has teamed up with IOT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), the largest international event devoted to industry transformation through disruptive technologies. The two events are joining forces in May to present an unparalleled ecosystem for digital transformation to professionals from many industries.

The joint celebration of the two events will provide a unique opportunity to explore the crossroads between two different sets of disruptive technologies. Alongside ISE’s top pro AV companies and systems integration experts, IOTSWC will bring to the table leading experts and companies working on Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins, Internet of Things and Quantum Computing. The goal of this co-operation is to highlight the common ground that offers new ideas and inspiration for attendees and exhibitors alike.

The agreement will allow each show’s visitors to access both exhibition areas, at no extra cost, whilst attendees registered to any of the ISE conferences will benefit from a 50% discount on the IOTSWC congress programme – and vice versa.

Roger Bou, Director of IOTSWC
Roger Bou, Director of IOTSWC

Directors’ viewpoints

The directors of both shows are enthusiastic about what this co-operation agreement promises for attendees.

The Director of IOTSWC, Roger Bou, says:

“We are very excited about this agreement. At IOTSWC we believe that some of the key technologies we have been showcasing such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things have an incredible transformational potential for the professional AV industry and likewise the AV and systems integration industry can help to develop disruptive new solutions for the digital transformation ecosystem.”

Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, adds:

“AV and IT convergence has been the single most important industry trend at ISE over the past decade and the inspiring innovations happening in IoT take this to another level. With our two events now happening at the same time and place this May, it is very exciting to be able to work together and explore even more areas of collaboration. The exciting world of pro AV and the inspiring innovations in IoT make all sorts of possibilities a reality.”

Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events

What is IOTSWC?

IOT Solutions World Congress is organised jointly by Fira de Barcelona and the Industry IoT Consortium (IIC), an organisation founded in 2014 to accelerate the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things. The IIC says that it “ focuses on driving deployments of innovative technology solutions that digitally transform businesses”. For the 2022 edition – its sixth – IOTSWC is taking the title Game-Changing Solutions for Industry Transformation.

The event identifies four key types of end-user within its visitor profile:

  • Strategists, tasked with moving their enterprise one step forward
  • Operational technologists, looking to optimise their companies’ internal processes
  • Customer-centric marketeers, with strong expertise in customer behaviour across multiple channels
  • IT specialists, who can determine how particular solutions can benefit their company

The congress programme at IOTSWC is structured around five themes: Business Optimisation, Artificial Intelligence, Connectivity, Security and Customer Experience. Also taking place alongside IOTSWC is the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress, an annual event co-organised with the Catalan Government.

A smart collaboration, says SBC’s Snyder

Bob Snyder, Content Chair of ISE’s Smart Building Conference and Smart Workplace Summit, is excited about the co-operation between ISE and IOTSWC.

“The AV and IT industries have been coming together for over a decade now – and the technologies championed by IOT Solutions World Congress, such as the Internet of Things, Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence, represent the next step in this progression,” he says. “Just about any kind of ‘smart’ technology environment – such as smart buildings, smart cities, smart workplaces or smart homes – is built around solutions on show at IOTSWC.”

There are compelling reasons why the audience for each show should visit the other, he adds: “ISE attendees should come to IOTSWC to find out what is going on in their key verticals, and get ahead of the curve rather than behind it. IOTSWC delegates should attend the Smart Building Conference, which takes place the day before both exhibitions open, and learn about the latest developments in this important market. Then once the show starts, they should explore the ISE show floor to find the latest smart technology solutions. ISE is the leading show in Europe for smart homes, smart signage and much more besides.”

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