European / Latin American AV Summit

30 January - 14:00 - 18:00
31 January - 10:30 - 13:00
Location: CC4.1

High tech innovation in Europe and Latin America is driving the opportunity for increased collaboration and commerce between the two regions.

ELASWith AV technology acting as the bridge, the European / Latin American AV Summit brought together government representatives and AV business leaders from both regions to foster understanding and to strengthen links between individuals, organisations, companies, and countries.

The conference programme explored cross-country initiatives such as the EU-LAC Global Gateway investment agenda. It identified new business opportunities and shared best practice on topics such as regulation and content creation in the AV and digital industries. The programme also included current topics like AI, talent development and sustainability.

Speakers from both European and Latin American governments and trade bodies participated, alongside leading representatives from the AV community.

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Conference Programme

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30 Jan 2024
  1. CC4.1
    Team Europe has committed more than €45 billion to "support the strengthened partnership with Latin America and the Caribbean" until 2027. The EU-LAC Global Gateway Investment Agenda (GGIA) is the roadmap of strategic priorities that the EU has chosen to invest in with its Latin American and Caribbean partners.

Featured Speakers

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