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Smart Workplace Summit

Thursday 2 February
Time: 10:30-15:30
Location: CC5.1

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New Priorities for the Workplace

Workplace experience is very dependent upon smart technology, and the pandemic has inspired many new innovations, forcing a re-evaluation of technology priorities.

While makers of AV and IT reimagine their devices to fit the new marketplace, others want to reimagine the entire work experience and disrupt the incumbents. Both metaverse and holography industries covet the smart workplace and rising venture capital serves to enable their innovations.

One new technology, IoT, brings numerous opportunities to use sensors to improve office life – not only by measuring variables but also by allowing post-measurement personalisation in some cases. IoT does not stand alone: new solutions with artificial intelligence and Digital Twin can enhance what IoT brings to the office.

Even humble audio (oddly the quietest of technologies in a world where technologies all seem to shout) understands their products need to adapt to the shift in the workplace.

The theme of this year’s Smart Workplace Summit is New Priorities for the Workplace. It will explore the new strategy and technology priorities that must follow the conclusion that we have moved to mainly a hybrid workplace.

As well as sharing the newest technology and the latest thinking on strategies to move forward in smart workplaces, the summit will also bring together thought leaders and product innovators to move past the pandemic-related uncertainty to now chart specific courses of direction for companies, their integrators and their vendors.

The Summit will be followed by a networking event.

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