FIRA Barcelona, Gran Vía
1-4 February 2022

Guido Knook

Co-Founder & CEO, Atium

Guido is the founder and CEO of Atium. There he helps teams build and nurture human connection remotely. With a background in design and product, creating an engaging user experience is on the top of the list for Guido at Atium. At the same time, he realizes that traction doesn’t come when you just build a great product. Balancing both sides of the business is a continuous challenge, but one that is also immensely rewarding. Before starting Atium, Guido studied Strategic Product Design at the TU Delft, one of the best technical universities in Europe. After finishing his master’s, he moved to Berlin to design and later lead product at Mimi Hearing Technologies GmbH. Having built up both the product as well as the culture at Mimi and ready for a new challenge, he joined the Antler program in Jan 2020, which led to the founding of Atium.